Our charter

Our mission

Action Resilience aims at developing sustainable solutions against radicalisation and terrorism. We consider that the reduction of violent extremism must be driven by the rule of law.

We firmly believe in the primacy of prevention and in the strengthening of societies, through a work of cohesion.

We back institutions, civil societies and NGOs to engage issues such as: the propaganda of extremist organisations and how to counter it, the return of individuals who joined terrorist groups, conciliation of institutional efficiency and rule of law, prevention of violent extremism, prevention of recidivism, prevention and mitigation of political and religious tensions, inclusion of victims in the building of resilience, …


Our values


We define our action in the frame of a strict observance and  promotion of fundamental human rights. We strongly believe that countering terrorism and radicalisation must contribute to the protection of the founding values of our democracies.

Multidisciplinary approach

We believe that solutions to the challenges of radicalisation and terrorism go through cross perspectives and sharing of knowledge, know-how and experience gained by a large variety of players: academics, institutions, civil society, within an international dimension.

Long term vision

We believe that prevention of terrorism and radicalisation must be included in public and private policies, both domestically and internationally.

Our analysis focuses on the possible evolutions of the threat in order to anticipate it and obtain lasting results.


Our Actions


Critical-thinking on counter-terrorism and prevention of political violence, in coordination with involved structures.

Audit of radicalisation or violent cases, especially in the field of employment, consulting on strategies of prevention and mitigation, assessment of action plans in order to optimise them.

Development of multidisciplinary networks linking structures in need with the most relevant expertise.

Training on ideologies and methods of violent extremist organisations, the roots of indoctrination, key signals and best answers. Practical workshop on judicial aspects (French and international law) and media coverage of terrorism.

Support to disengagement process from violent extremism.



ACTION RESILIENCE SAS supports the ACTION RESILIENCE INSTITUTE, a non profit organisation founded to develop research and promote best practices in countering radicalisation and terrorism.