• social dialogue, prevention and reduction of conflict related to radicalisation at work
  • bespoke audit for corporations, institutions and NGO’s operating in crisis environment
  • prevention and handling of radicalisation in the penitentiary system
  • helping organisations confronted to radicalisation and/or terrorism



  • principles of terrorism
  • principles of radicalisation
  • principles of Islam
  • History of islamism and its currents
  • narratives and counter-narratives
  • terrorism financing
  • terrorism and the media
  • terrorism and the law
  • radicalisation at work
  • religions at school
  • radicalisation in the penitentiary system


Our “witnesses of History” conferences

Nicolas Henin: from Baghdad to Raqqa, war reporter at the time of jihadism

Mourad Benchellali: “I’m coming to tell you about peace”. Life after Guantanamo.