The Action Resilience Institute



  • We support projects of fundamental research on terrorism and radicalisation in order to develop local networks of expertise, promotion of this expertise on the international scene.
  • We encourage the publication and diffusion of fundamental research papers, distribution of the results under an operational format to field practitioners.
  • We aim at making research on terrorism and radicalisation accessible to a broader audience in order to develop a culture of resilience in societies.



  • We promote counter-terrorism policies based on prevention, aimaing at including the whole society while respecting uman rights and fundamental liberties.
  • We identify and promote local players opposing positive narratives to the violent extremist groups’ propaganda.
  • We contribute to critical-thinking on positive narratives/counter-narratives with the internet companies.
  • We advocate and teach good practices for the media coverage of terrorism.



65 Cours Pierre Puget 13006 Marseilles – France